Saturday, July 4, 2015

Face & Body Painting

Face painting is my bread and butter and my passion. The Okanagan Valley is my home base. I started painting five years ago. My work gets better every day on each living canvas. Every time I hold the mirror up to my clients face my heart fills with joy as their eyes light up
in amazement of the art I have created. My goal is to travel the world painting living canvases. Here are a few pictures of my work.

Ox Christine Turpin

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Turquoise Gypsy

I love when the weather changes and I can pack up my winter gloves and bring out all my rings and bangles. Here are a few pictures from the net, and one from me, to inspire your inner gypsy.

My turquoise ring that I don't leave home without. I'm a Gypsy Cowgirl at heart!!!!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

April Wishes

Spring has sprung and I know this cuz I have dead bugs on my windshield!! In my excitement for spring I have been searching the net for fun spring outfits. If you check me out on Pinterest you can see what I have been up to:)

The look I wanted to achieve is from the blog They all hate us
The shorts retail for $99 & sweater $125
Way out of my price range, so I decided to get crafty. I went to my local Value Village and scored mens jeans that made my butt look good. I chopped the legs off and took my foot file to the from and back to give them a worn look. I also rolled the sides three times and stitched them up and added a cute button.

My final look including two pairs of shorts, light denim and dark denim, and this cable-knit sweater. All from Value Village for $20 total.
My tools - scissors, buttons, needles, thread, foot file.
My end result :)

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Large Suspended Sculpture By Janet Echelman

Last week "TED Talks"  was having an event in Vancouver. Part of the presentation was Janet Echelman's "Suspended". This amazing giant sculpture hangs in the air and lights up at night with the help of your cell phone. There is an app that you can install, and you can change the colors of the sculpture using the app, which connects with the lights. The soft netting installation is 745 feet wide. The pictures below do not do it justice. It was breathtaking as it lit up the whole block in neon colors all night. In the daylight it seemed to sway gently in the breeze and become a part of the sea and sky. The wires keep it grounded but add to the feeling of a sail flowing in the breeze.

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Caesar Quest March 2014

The Mill Marine Bistro Vancouver
2014 has been the year of the Caesar, at least is has been for me. Did you know that Canada has a signature Caesar cocktail? Clamato is our secret weapon! OK, maybe not so secret if you are from Canada and like Caesars. On my quest for the ultimate Canadian Cesar I found a taunting message on the Vancouver tourism website. #88 of Things to do in Vancouver - Sip Caesars on Vancouver's largest outdoor patio. The write-up also boasts that one can enjoy many crazy variations of Canada's signature Caesar.
Just my luck the Mill Marine was between my hotel and my sister's apartment:) Light Bulb ......Meeting place!!!  We had been in Van for a total of two hours and I was already on my way to Caesar Ville aka The Mill Marine lol. I was accompanied by my little sister Loretta and bf Amber. We ordered four different Caesars from the menu and were delighted with each drink and fun garnish. Pictures down below. The only let down was the nachos that we ordered to share. Super sad attempt at nachos.

Food - 2 out of 10
Caesar- 7 out of 10

The Original 

Julius Caesar

The Albertan

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Mother-daughter day!

Mother-daughter day at Silverstar with my beautiful daughter Gillian my bf Amber and her daughter Parker Jane.  The Vernon Winter Carnival was in full swing a few weekends ago, so we decided that we were going to go enjoy the snow sculpture competition. A wonderful gentleman that was working on these Mushroom snow sculpture  gave the girls some tools and let them chip away at a few pieces of snow. They had such a wonderful time. We got to enjoy all of the spectacular work everybody was doing, then off across the parking lot and over to the skating rink where the girls had a wonderful time ice skating on the outdoor rink. It was -15 outside that day so we had hot chocolate to warm up, and then off to the mini sleds which kind of ended the whole thing for the girls because it was just too cold.  These little mini sleds are hilarious. The kids get to go around the track for five bucks for five laps. Here are the pictures of our day together and snow sculptures and the mini sleds and how beautiful and blue the sky was that day.

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